Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Days

If there was one thing that made me long for the days of childhood it would be snow days. I can't believe how many of them I took for granted and now wish I could go back and do them over again. My current employer, being a small business owner, knows that if the office is closed he doesn't make money and therefore doesn't ever close the office. I understand his point of view, being paid hourly I'm in the same position, but at the same time an occasional snow day is gives us a an unexpected break from life.

On Wednesday and Thursday my boss picked me and three other girls from work up from our homes and took us to work. That way we couldn't call out because we can't drive in the snow. So while everyone else got to get to go out and play in the snow I was answering phone calls. While everyone else got to come in and warm up with a mug of hot chocolate I was checking patients in and out. While everyone else was sitting by a warm fire reading I was checking on open claims. I think I became a little more of an adult this week and I don't like it.

Some days I long to be a child again. I remember being young longing to be an adult. I never believed people when they would tell me to enjoy my youth. My entire life being the youngest child I tried to be just like my older siblings. I wanted to be on their level in every way even though they were three, five and seven years older than me. I tried so hard that I grew up before my time and now I wish I could go back and enjoy being a kid. I guess it took missing my snow day to realize it.

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Lauren said...

Hello-o! You didn't tell me about the 2 buses that slid on Capitol Hill and almost fell onto I-5 below! I just saw the pictures on Joseph's blog!