Monday, August 17, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love

I just read in People magazine that they are filming Eat, Pray, Love. I'm not really sure how I feel about this. Especially with Julia Roberts as the main character. This book is in my top five favorites and I don't really think Julia Roberts is right for this role. I also think that there is no way the movie could touch me as much as the book did. I know I'll probably end up seeing so I hope it doesn't ruin the book for me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

House Pictures

I haven't posted any pictures of the house lately so here are a few. Right now they think we should close by September 30th. These pictures are pretty old. The outside has siding on it now and all the "stuff" is in the walls. They start sheet rocking on Tuesday.

White Sox Game

Russ' birthday was on Wednesday so we went to the Mariner's game because they were playing the White Sox which is his team. He got us amazing seats first row in left field just passed third base. We got there early to watch batting practice and I managed to get an Alex Rios (who just got traded to the White Sox) to sign a baseball for me. The game ended up going into 14 innings because of a tied score of zero and the White Sox ended up losing but it was still fun.
Russ took the picture just as I walked away. You can see my hair on the very far left side of the picture.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Should The Past Be The Past?

Lately I've been craving a connection to my past. A time before being the rape victim, before losing all my friends at the start of high school, before my parent's divorce, a time when I had faith to fall back on. Maybe it's just a simpler time that I crave. I don't know if it's healthy or not to be chasing a memory of my childhood but I am jumping in head first.

I went on facebook and contacted a few people that stood out in my mind from that time. I want to talk to them and maybe reconnect on the times that we were close. Heather my best friend from elementary school contacted me back and we are making arrangements to meet up. I couldn't be more excited.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bunco Night

Tonight is Bunco night and I am so excited. I don't know what I ever did before I had Bunco night. I love this group of women and look forward to going every month. If you don't have a Bunco group you should find one. It's that fun.

I'm Bored

I am sitting at work with absolutely nothing to do. That is all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Old Couple At Subway

Russ and I went to Subway for lunch yesterday. An older couple walked in just in front of us. I thought they were so cute but not in the normal old couple walking down the street holding hands kind of way. They were just normal.

The lady found a seat while the man went up to order. He got a foot long sandwich for them to share but instead of having them cut it in half he had them cut it so one side was a little bigger than the other. Russ commented to me that is how we would be because I usually can't eat a full six inch sandwich.

When we go out to eat Russ always sits on the same side of the table as me. When we were first dating I thought it was really weird but now its weird if he doesn't. I noticed that this old couple did the same thing only they were on the opposite side as us so we were facing them. While we were eating we couldn't stop watching them and commenting about them. Again, they weren't being all lovey dovey and they weren't bickering, they were just being normal.

The tables were turned when Russ wanted to eat one of my cookies. I made him take part of two different ones so I could have the really chocolaty parts. Russ looked over at the couple and they were talking about us! I wish I knew what they were saying.

Something that to most people would seem so insignificant but to me it was just a really nice moment. Sometimes I wonder about me and Russ. We aren't as passionate as most couples. There is not a lot of bickering or fighting between us which usually signifies passion. We also aren't the lovey dovey touching each other all the time type. We just are us and apparently that was enough for this couple to last a long time and that gives me hope.