Monday, August 3, 2009

The Old Couple At Subway

Russ and I went to Subway for lunch yesterday. An older couple walked in just in front of us. I thought they were so cute but not in the normal old couple walking down the street holding hands kind of way. They were just normal.

The lady found a seat while the man went up to order. He got a foot long sandwich for them to share but instead of having them cut it in half he had them cut it so one side was a little bigger than the other. Russ commented to me that is how we would be because I usually can't eat a full six inch sandwich.

When we go out to eat Russ always sits on the same side of the table as me. When we were first dating I thought it was really weird but now its weird if he doesn't. I noticed that this old couple did the same thing only they were on the opposite side as us so we were facing them. While we were eating we couldn't stop watching them and commenting about them. Again, they weren't being all lovey dovey and they weren't bickering, they were just being normal.

The tables were turned when Russ wanted to eat one of my cookies. I made him take part of two different ones so I could have the really chocolaty parts. Russ looked over at the couple and they were talking about us! I wish I knew what they were saying.

Something that to most people would seem so insignificant but to me it was just a really nice moment. Sometimes I wonder about me and Russ. We aren't as passionate as most couples. There is not a lot of bickering or fighting between us which usually signifies passion. We also aren't the lovey dovey touching each other all the time type. We just are us and apparently that was enough for this couple to last a long time and that gives me hope.


melanie said...

Yeah totally...every relationship is unique and I figure as long as Troy and I are on the same page, it can work. Do you think the other couple thought you and Russ were sitting side by side because they were?

Shannon said...

cute story. i think it's important to notice those so called "insignificant" moments.

L4GWTW said...

I think it is a Davey thing, I am not to lovey dovey either. But we have lasted almost 12 years Marcus and I. I can't believe it it has gone by so fast.

Lauren said...

ha ha! we are so different! I am always wrapped around Josh's arm and his hand is always on my leg. I think to each his own!