Sunday, February 24, 2008

In Sickness And In Health....

For a while now I've been dealing with a variety of symptoms with no explanation. I have had severe fatigue (to the point where I am literally falling asleep at my desk or I feel like I can't lift my arm up to answer the phone), my left arm and leg go numb and tingly, I have muscle twitches in my left leg (kind of like a spasm), I've had little to no appetite, and I've been very forgetful. I've been going to chiro for over a year now and it has helped some but not completely. They referred me to a nerve specialist guy who said I just need to stretch more, my muscles are wound up too tight. I had an MRI on my neck but nothing looked wrong. I finally told my GP that I think I have a sleeping disorder or something. She did some blood work and it appears that I am deficient in B12. It is very rare for a young person to have this unless they are vegan (which I am definitely not) because you get B12 from animal products like eggs, milk, and meat. It also stores in your body for years at a time so it's hard to deplete the storage.

I did some research on the internet and it explains pretty much all of my symptoms. I also found that if gone untreated for too long it can effect your nervous system and become other diseases such as Alzheimer's (which runs in my family, both my great grandma and grandma had it). I'm supposed to take 1000 mcg a day (normal is 6mcg daily) for eight weeks and then have my blood retested to see if my body is absorbing it. I've been taking it for a week now and no sign of improvement but I think it will take a while to see results.

I just want to thank my husband and family and friends for putting up with me lately. I am a very cranky girl when I am tired which is all the time lately. My husband has picked up a lot of slack around the house when I can't force myself to get up and make dinner or clean up. He never gets frustrated with me. Just makes me a frozen pizza and gives me a kiss. I love him very much and can't even begin to explain how grateful I am for finding him. He really is amazing.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dirty Old Man

Yesterday at work one of my favorite patients came in. He's a 76 year old man. He's always really nice to me and tells me funny stories of his past, and I'm always really nice to him and make him coffee and whatnot. He brought his wife in and she went back to the op to get worked on he went and sat in the waiting area. I brought his coffee out to him and as I handed it to him he said, "Can I ask you something?" I said sure and he replied, "You look really good in those fill them out nicely" I was in shock! He asked if he had embarrased me and I said a little. I started to walk back to my desk when he added, "Do you spray them on?" I didnt know what to say so I just walked away and said nothing.

Now if this was a guy my age or even a little older I would have told him how inappropriate he was being but how do you say that to someone who could be my grandpa? When I told Russ the story he just laughed and said "that's funny." I was like it's not funny its disturbing!