Monday, August 11, 2008


Some days just make you want to grrrrrrrrrrrr at the world. Today is one of those days.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Tag

TEN YEARS AGO... I had just turned 15 and was about to enter into high school (in Redmond high school is 10-12 grades). It was pretty much just me and my dad at home since Lauren was about to head off to college.

THINGS ON MY "TO DO" LIST... I need to call the woman in charge of my claim from my car accident and accept her offer, she's called me about five times and sent three letters already and I keep putting it off. Other than that not really anything. I guess get ready for camping this weekend.

A SNACK I ENJOY... It might be easier to list snacks I don't enjoy, LOL. I like most chips, sour candy, licorice (black and red), fruit, chocolate, bread, ice cream, cookies... the list could go on.

THINGS I WOULD DO IF I WERE A MILLIONAIRE... I would by a nice house in the Lynnwood area (that would probably be around 500,000) and pay off all my debt. If we didn't have any debt we would probably be doing pretty well for ourselves already...someday...

PLACES I HAVE LIVED... From birth to age three I lived in La Puenta, CA. Three to eight was in Whittier, CA. Eight to eighteen was in Redmond, WA in two different houses. When I was eighteen I lived in Lake City, WA for about six months, then back to Redmond, WA for six months. Nineteen was Kirkland, WA for six months then Bellevue, WA for eight months. Twenty took me back to Redmond for three months then Monroe for six months. Twenty one took me back to Redmond for four months. Then it was off to Everett where I've been ever since, a year in an apartment and then my townhouse where I am now, for the last three years. All that moving around should give you a little insight into how chaotic my life was for the first three years after I turned 18.

NOW FOR TAGGING... I know most people hate these thingies so whoever wants to do it go for it.

Stupid Cops

"Is there a reason for the speed today?"
"I didn't think I was."
"How fast do you think you were going?"
"Like 67." Really I thought 70 but 67 sounded better.
"Your in a 60 zone. License and registration."
"Really?" as I hand him my license and registration.
He walks back to his car and comes back with the ticket. Didn't even really give me a chance to explain anything. He handed me the ticket, went through his little spiel about my options and started to walk off.
"It's really 60 here, cause I thought the last sign I saw said 65."
"Its 65 on the other side of Othello, this side is 60."

I was so angry, after he left I looked at the ticket and it said I was going 75mph! There is no way! If I was though it was because I had just passed somebody (for which the law states you are allowed to go 10 over the limit) and was in the process of slowing down. I don't know how he even got me on radar since he was going the opposite direction of me. I would totally go to court and explain myself since I didn't get the chance to with the cop except for Othello is like two and half/three hours away. So I'll pay the stupid ticket but you better believe I'll be sending in a letter explaining myself with it.

So now I have been pulled over three times and gotten a ticket three times. I don't know anybody else who hasn't gotten away without a ticket at least one time. I think I give off a vibe that makes cops hate me or something. I am very proud of myself though for not crying. The first time I got pulled over when I was sixteen I couldn't stop crying and the cop yelled at me to stop and that just made it worse. Then I made my dad drive all the way down to Tacoma to come get me because I didn't want to drive anymore The second time I managed to hold it together until the cop left and then I started bawling and made my boyfriend at the time come and get me and drive me to work. So this time when I didn't cry and was able to finish my long drive home I felt very mature.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pullman or Bust

I'm getting ready to head over to Pullman to see my sister Ali and her family. I'm driving all by myself and its about a five hour drive with half of it through a whole lot of nothing. I'm a little nervous because I've never driven that far by my self before but I'm really excited to see my family. Wish me luck and keep your fingers cross that I make it there ok.