Thursday, June 4, 2009

Russ Is A Genius

Yup, that's my delicious blizzard treat sitting on the table. I decided to go to dinner at Dairy Queen tonight because it was so hot inside our house. Russ got a chicken basket and I got a blizzard (don't judge, you know you wish you could have ice cream for dinner). After sitting down and eating for a few minutes I noticed that on Russ' drink cup it said that blizzards are so thick that they defy gravity. That some employees will even serve them upside down sometimes. So I asked Russ if he ever did that when he worked there. He said no that it took too much time to do that. I said "oh yeah so much time to do this" and tipped my cup sideways and explained that the ice cream was too melted by now to hold it completely upside down. He took the cup from me and tipped it upside down and said "no, see" and just as he was about to tip it back up, splat. I started laughing uncontrollably. I made like Chandler and Rachel on the episode of Friends where they eat the cheesecake that fell on the floor and ate the rest of my blizzard straight from the table.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm A Homeowner...Kind Of

We started looking into buying a house back in February. The first house we looked at was in Lake Stevens. It was a beautiful townhouse that was a short sale. We offered a little more than they were asking but the sellers real estate agent showed them our offer second even though ours was first. They ended up going with the other offer and since we were "second" we didn't even have a chance to counter or anything.

Several houses later we looked at house on Lake Stevens that was newly built. I loved it but Russ had some reservations. There was no yard instead you had about ten feet between the back of the house and the house behind you. We countered back and forth a few times with the builder and when we finally came to an agreement it turned out that it was kind of like a short sale where it needed bank approval. They assured us that it would only take three days. Two weeks later we decided to start looking again.

We headed up to Marysville and looked at several more houses. We found one that hasn't been built yet but were able to go through the model home that is the exact same floor plan. I fell in love. The kitchen was amazing. The master bedroom had french doors that open into a huge room. The master bath had a soaking tub with separate shower! My entire life I've dreamed of having a tub like that. There wasn't a single detail about the house that I didn't like. The only downfall I could see was that it's twenty minutes north of where I am now in Everett. Russ' only concern was that there wasn't a yard. We decided that those reasons weren't enough to not get the house. So we made our third offer and countered back and forth a few times and now it is ours...

...kind of. The house still has to be built and we don't actually close until it's done so that means it will "officially" be ours around the beginning of October. Sorry to keep everyone in the dark about this but I didn't want to really discuss it until it was official.