Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Luck

My office is always closed the week between Christmas and New Years. Dr. and her husband (the office manager) are in Hawaii on vacation so that left me to take care of things at the office while they are away. I don't mind doing it, I'd probably just be sitting at home watching TV anyways and it allows me to get some hours in and not have to go with out a paycheck.

I forget however that my luck sucks and that things never go according to plan no matter how much I plan ahead. I was supposed to come into the office sometime over the weekend to pick up the mail so it wouldn't collect a huge pile by the front door (we have a mail slot). I forgot. When I got to the office today there was no mail. I didn't know what could have happened to it so I called Vic in Hawaii and asked him if he put the hold on it starting Christmas instead of starting today like he had planned. he said no so I went to the post office to investigate. Turns out that they had on file to start holding the mail today but were holding starting last anyways. Stupid!

Monday Paychex was supposed to call me at 11:30am so I could do payroll. Vic spoke to the guy several times over the last couple weeks to make sure the guy had my cell number so he could call me at home and I wouldn't have to go into the office. 12:00 and still no phone call I call the guy. I get his voice mail and it says he is at lunch from 12:00 till 1:00. I leave a message for him with my cell number and tell him to call me ASAP. 1:45 still no phone call so I call and ask to speak to anybody and the lady said that he was on the other line and would call me soon. 2:30 the guy finally calls and said that he called me at work because he didn't have my cell number. Yeah, whatever, at least I was able to get pay roll in before the end of the day so everyone could get paid.

I come into the office today so I can close out end of month/year and because the phone guy is coming to put in a whole new phone system because ours died the last week we were here. The phone people said they would be here at 10:00. I get to work at 10:03 and the guys fixing the gutter are here but no phone guy. When he still wasn't here at 10:20 I called and the lady said he had to do some service calls this morning because they got behind with all the snow but she would call me when he was on his way. I keep working get all my stuff done and at 2:10 when he was still not here I call back. She said that he was on heading my way now. I asked her about the fact that they said it would take about six hours to install the whole thing which would be 8:00/9:00 at this point that he would finish and she tells me that they will just get the basics of the system running so we can have our voicemail and then come back on Monday when we are back in the office. Whatever, as long as they get the voicemail up so our patients can know that we are out of the office and the emergency number I don't care about the rest at this point. 3:00 the guy finally shows up and now I am done with all my work and have to sit here waiting for him to finish. Bleh! The only work I have left to do is call on claims but I can't use the phone now since he's working on it.

I guess I shouldn't really complain that I'm sitting here getting paid to do nothing but it's kind of boring being here all by myself and no TV!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Days

If there was one thing that made me long for the days of childhood it would be snow days. I can't believe how many of them I took for granted and now wish I could go back and do them over again. My current employer, being a small business owner, knows that if the office is closed he doesn't make money and therefore doesn't ever close the office. I understand his point of view, being paid hourly I'm in the same position, but at the same time an occasional snow day is gives us a an unexpected break from life.

On Wednesday and Thursday my boss picked me and three other girls from work up from our homes and took us to work. That way we couldn't call out because we can't drive in the snow. So while everyone else got to get to go out and play in the snow I was answering phone calls. While everyone else got to come in and warm up with a mug of hot chocolate I was checking patients in and out. While everyone else was sitting by a warm fire reading I was checking on open claims. I think I became a little more of an adult this week and I don't like it.

Some days I long to be a child again. I remember being young longing to be an adult. I never believed people when they would tell me to enjoy my youth. My entire life being the youngest child I tried to be just like my older siblings. I wanted to be on their level in every way even though they were three, five and seven years older than me. I tried so hard that I grew up before my time and now I wish I could go back and enjoy being a kid. I guess it took missing my snow day to realize it.

Bush Monkey

Last Saturday we went to the Macaroni Grill in Lynnwood with Heather and Christian. Christian commented that the busboy looked really familiar and we all agreed but couldn't place where we recognized him from. On Tuesday I went to my chiro appointment and was talking to the receptionist who I had seen at the restaurant. She asked if I had seen the American Idol guy there. I asked her what she was talking about and she said that the busboy had auditioned for American Idol but didn't make it onto the show. Immediately I realized who she was talking about. I called Heather as soon as I got out to my car and let her know that Christian was right, he did recognize the busboy but it wasn't from the movie theater or another restaurant it was from watching American Idol! We were very relieved to finally figure out why we recognized him. For all of you American Idol fans if you want to meet the "bush monkey" from the show head over the Macaroni Grill in Lynnwood. I hear he even will sing for you if you ask.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get It Right Lifetime!

The movie White Christmas is a staple in my family. My sisters and I have probably watched it over a thousand times. We have all the lines memorized, sang along to all the songs and even memorized a couple of the dance moves (as best a my uncoordinated body could do anyways). The other day the Lifetime channel was playing the movie. I started watching it but had to turn it off because they cut so many of the scenes. Um, how could you cut out important scenes like when Bob and Phil get on the train and Bob finds out that Phil gave away their tickets to the Haynes sisters? How can you cut out the "Snow" song they sing on the train and the entire "Mandy" dance! I was so angry I kept yelling at the TV. In my opinion if you are going to run a classic movie like White Christmas you run the whole thing. You wouldn't cut out parts of "Casablanca" would you? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Therefore, give White Christmas the respect it deserves and play the movie in it's entirety!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Heterozygous

My hematologist called today to let me know the results of my recent blood test. I have a history of Factor V Leiden in my family, which if you have means you are prone to blood clots. You can have one or two genes that are abnormal. I have one which means I am slightly more at risk than the average person. My doctor recommended that I go off any hormones (ie. birth control) as that seems to be a trigger in my family. My mom had a blood clot while pregnant with me. I'm super upset now because all the non-hormonal birth control methods suck! Stupid, stupid, stupid!