Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get It Right Lifetime!

The movie White Christmas is a staple in my family. My sisters and I have probably watched it over a thousand times. We have all the lines memorized, sang along to all the songs and even memorized a couple of the dance moves (as best a my uncoordinated body could do anyways). The other day the Lifetime channel was playing the movie. I started watching it but had to turn it off because they cut so many of the scenes. Um, how could you cut out important scenes like when Bob and Phil get on the train and Bob finds out that Phil gave away their tickets to the Haynes sisters? How can you cut out the "Snow" song they sing on the train and the entire "Mandy" dance! I was so angry I kept yelling at the TV. In my opinion if you are going to run a classic movie like White Christmas you run the whole thing. You wouldn't cut out parts of "Casablanca" would you? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Therefore, give White Christmas the respect it deserves and play the movie in it's entirety!


Allison said...

How could they do that!?

Lauren said...

What?!!? Did they even SHOW them on the train? Did they show the Sisters part?

Heather said...

Thats the dumbest thing ever - I hate it, that has happened to me before and I was watching a show for the first time and evidentally missed the most important scenes!