Monday, August 4, 2008

Stupid Cops

"Is there a reason for the speed today?"
"I didn't think I was."
"How fast do you think you were going?"
"Like 67." Really I thought 70 but 67 sounded better.
"Your in a 60 zone. License and registration."
"Really?" as I hand him my license and registration.
He walks back to his car and comes back with the ticket. Didn't even really give me a chance to explain anything. He handed me the ticket, went through his little spiel about my options and started to walk off.
"It's really 60 here, cause I thought the last sign I saw said 65."
"Its 65 on the other side of Othello, this side is 60."

I was so angry, after he left I looked at the ticket and it said I was going 75mph! There is no way! If I was though it was because I had just passed somebody (for which the law states you are allowed to go 10 over the limit) and was in the process of slowing down. I don't know how he even got me on radar since he was going the opposite direction of me. I would totally go to court and explain myself since I didn't get the chance to with the cop except for Othello is like two and half/three hours away. So I'll pay the stupid ticket but you better believe I'll be sending in a letter explaining myself with it.

So now I have been pulled over three times and gotten a ticket three times. I don't know anybody else who hasn't gotten away without a ticket at least one time. I think I give off a vibe that makes cops hate me or something. I am very proud of myself though for not crying. The first time I got pulled over when I was sixteen I couldn't stop crying and the cop yelled at me to stop and that just made it worse. Then I made my dad drive all the way down to Tacoma to come get me because I didn't want to drive anymore The second time I managed to hold it together until the cop left and then I started bawling and made my boyfriend at the time come and get me and drive me to work. So this time when I didn't cry and was able to finish my long drive home I felt very mature.

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