Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Should The Past Be The Past?

Lately I've been craving a connection to my past. A time before being the rape victim, before losing all my friends at the start of high school, before my parent's divorce, a time when I had faith to fall back on. Maybe it's just a simpler time that I crave. I don't know if it's healthy or not to be chasing a memory of my childhood but I am jumping in head first.

I went on facebook and contacted a few people that stood out in my mind from that time. I want to talk to them and maybe reconnect on the times that we were close. Heather my best friend from elementary school contacted me back and we are making arrangements to meet up. I couldn't be more excited.


melanie said...

You're going back but yet really going forward! So very brave of you.

Journal everything so you have a path to work from and goals to work toward.

Lauren said...

so you finally figured out Facebook huh? Pretty sweet...until you have 130 friends and can't possibly keep track of all of them!

Shannon said...

I agree with Melanie so very brave of you!

Do what you need to feel at peace!