Monday, July 21, 2008

Mad Men

This is quickly becoming my new favorite show. I'd heard of it before but didn't really know what it was all about. I saw an ad On Demand for it and decided to give it a try since nothing else was on. It is AMAZING. Right now season one (13 episodes) are On Demand. I've watched 11 of the 13. Its about an ad agency in New York City in the year 1960. It's one of the those shows you can't stop thinking about all day long. Not having lived through the 60's I'm positive it is an accurate depiction of the era and will probably be devastated if I found out it wasn't. Everyone smokes and drinks (including pregnant women). All the business men have multiple affairs, the wives either truly don't know about or choose to ignore. The secretary's are treated like crap or whores. I get so angry when I watch it that I yell at the TV. I never really considered myself a feminist but I guess maybe that's because I never lived in a time when women were thought of as nothing. I think everybody should watch it and love it. The second season starts next week, the 27th I think and I can't wait.

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