Saturday, May 30, 2009


This last week my doctor was away on vacation so the office was closed. I had a wonderful time of doing nothing. I took this opportunity to treat myself to some "me" time. I slept in every day, worked out on my Wii Fit, watched a lot of HGTV and sat around and did a lot of self reflection. I didn't want to go out and be with people or talk on the phone. I wanted to really be selfish and just think about myself and do what I wanted to do and it was amazing! I was having so much fun with it all when Russ wanted to go to a card show today I told him to go alone and I stayed home and watched movies all day by myself.

Now that the weekend is winding down I guess its time to go back to my normal day to day life. I'll have to return to work on Monday and go back to my routine of taking care of patients. I love my job but it can be very tiring being "fake LeAnn" as Russ calls it. When I'm at work (and a lot of times just dealing with people in general) I have to always be "on." Always having a smile on my face and speaking in a calm soothing yet happy voice. Listening to every one's stories like they are the most interesting things I've heard in all my life. Laughing at their stupid jokes and nodding along in sympathy to what ever it is that is going wrong in their lives.

I'm a peacemaker by nature and so it's in my personality to do whatever it takes to make everyone else happy. Don't get me wrong the same things that I complain about are the things that I also love. I do like to hear about my patient that was an army nurse in World War II. I love to hear about the guy that takes soccer balls down to South America. The kid that just graduated high school and is going to Italy to learn to cook. It's just that it can be tiring always trying to please everyone all the time. So it was a much needed staycation to just be alone and relax and be able to be my true self nonstop for a whole week.


Lauren said...

you are a nerd for using the word "staycation" unless you made it up yourself. Then it is pretty creative. I think it is funny that you are a peacemaker by avoiding situations and I am a peacemaker by getting in the middle of it!!!

Lindsay said...

Everyone needs some alone time every now and then...glad you got a nice week long "staycation" to just be yourself :)