Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cut You So Good, You Gonna Wish I No Cut You So Good

*I would like to start out by stating that I know the quote is actually "Cut you so bad, you gonna wish I no cut you so bad." However, I started saying it the wrong way so much that by the time I learned I was saying it wrong it was already ingrained in my head.
Yesterday I went downstairs to talk to Russ. I saw that sitting on his desk was his pocket knife opened up. I told him should not leave it open because he could accidentally stab himself. He told me that the knife was so dull that it would be impossible for someone to cut him with it. I picked it up and pretended to "cut him so good" with it when he moved his hand and I accidentally stabbed his knuckle. It started bleeding pretty good. He said it wasn't that bad and it would stop in a second and he kept working on his computer but it didn't stop. Every time I looked down there was a bigger pool of blood on the back of his hand. Finally he went and washed it off and cleaned it out. I felt so bad! How many wives can say that actually stabbed there husbands?!?


Allison said...

Poor Russ, Poor LeeLee! I bet you feel worse than he does.

Lauren said...

Ha Ha. He should've listened to you! But he okay?

Jill Duncan said...

You were right, tell him to remember the wife is always right! :)