Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday Nights Just Got a Little More Interesting

Russ and Christian joined an all male softball team. They play Friday nights and play two games against the same opponent. Heather and I went to cheer on our husbands and were not disappointed on being entertained.

The first game went well with the guys team winning. Nothing too excited happened, a couple of the players on the opposite team were a little whiny but nothing big. Heather and I left about five minutes before the second game started to go and get some coffee and returned around the third inning. One of the wives who is the score keeper told us that we missed an almost fight between the two teams apparently the guys started mouthing off to each other. A few minutes after we got there the other teams pitcher and catcher kept complaining to the ump and making up rules and whatnot. Heather and I started to mouth off to them a little to just play the game and stop complaining. Apparently the catcher didn't like that very much because he told us to "shut the F*** up" and that he was "going to kick our a**" and so on. I said "oh that's great you're really going to cuss out a girl" and he got pretty upset and started to yell even more. Eventually the ump threw him out of the game. A minute later he started to head over in our direction so Heather got her phone out in case she needed to call 9-1-1. The dude was really scary. Fortunately he was only trying to talk to the ump and explain his case. Still, I don't think I've ever been as frightened by a man in my life as I was at that moment.

On a funnier note, Heather and I were talking and not paying attention when all of a sudden I hear "heads!" I look up and the ball is coming right for me. I leaned over on Heather and tried to push her over so I could get over but ended more on top off her so she couldn't move. The ball missed us by inches! It was pretty intense...Of course off all the spectators the ball would find it's way over to me and Heather.

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Allison said...

I'm glad you weren't assaulted. YIKES! I guess you did almost get hit by a ball though...

My head is a ball magnet too and always has been starting on the Kindergarten playground.

Any more fights since then?