Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

1.) How can it be that "LOST" is the best show of this generation and not one person I work with and not one patient today watched the episode last night? I came to work today bubbling with a need to discuss all that unfolded and no one to talk to. I tried to satisfy my craving by reading the blogs but its not the same as a face to face discussion where you can feed off the other person.

When I read a book I become consumed by the book and can't stop reading until I'm done with it. At the times that I can't be reading it (like when working). I think about the characters and wonder what will happen next and what the characters are doing right now. That's how I am with LOST and I can't say that I'm like that with any other show. I know some people have issues with the fantasy aspect of the story line but it doesn't bother me. For some reason in my mind its totally plausible that there would be a crazy weird smoke monster on a crazy weird island. I really believe that it could happen. Same thing with the whole time travel thing. I love that they constantly keep you guessing and reveal just enough to satisfy you but still keep you on your toes. I will truly be sad when it comes to an end next season.
2.) I was in the drive through at Taco Bell today and the mini-van in front of me had to open the driver side door to place her order. This was mildly amusing to me. Then when she pulled up to the window, the passenger opened up the left side sliding door and got out to get the food. This was very amusing to me.

3.) I think ring back songs or whatever they are called (when you call someone instead of hearing a ringing noise you hear a song) is the best idea ever. When I call patients I get to know there personality better just by listening to what song they chose.


Jill Duncan said...

You're funny! :) I have to admit that I've never watched an episode of 'LOST' before in my life. Sorry!

On a side note I'm so glad you guys found your diamond!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

I wish I came into your work today. I would have talked LOST with you.
Well, not last nights episode cause we just finished it right now. But still love LOST. :)

Lauren said...

so what does my ring back say about me?
And I always wanted to watch Lost but I don't watch TV =(