Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I usually give credit to my dad for my personality traits. He gave me the patience I need to deal with patients yelling at me about their bills. The logical mind to see both sides of the issue and the wisdom to figure out the right thing to do. It wasn't until today however that I realized that my mom gave me one of the most important traits.

In most things I'm a slob who wants to do the least amount of work possible to get by. Except at work. At work everything is in order and I expect myself to be perfect. I was informed today that I forgot the lock the front door of the office last night. Vic wasn't that upset, nothing was stolen and we do have a security alarm if somebody had tried to get in. I however, was a wreck. I couldn't believe that I could make such a big mistake. I've been carrying around this guilt all day trying to figure out how I could be so careless and beating myself up. I'm sure most people would look at this and think that its a bad trait to have. Trying to be perfect can only lead to disappointment, right? Wrong! How can you ever be the best you can possibly be without striving for perfection.

I would like to thank my mom for pushing me to be something great from a very young age. When I was like three or four she started to get me to learn to read because she knew that I could if I tried hard enough. She set the ground work from an early age that I should aim for perfection. I know that part of what makes me good at my job (ok, except forgetting to lock the door) is that I have a strong work ethic.

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