Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I haven't felt like I had any thing really special to write about until just now. At work we have a tree out back and Dr. has a little feeder on one of the branches that she fills with hazelnuts for all the squirrels in the area. On the deck she keeps a tupperware container that has a flip up lid to hold the hazelnuts so its easy to pour into the feeder. Today I met what very well could be the smartest squirrel in the world. He decided that the hazelnuts in the tree weren't fresh enough for him so he hopped over to the deck and climbed ontop of the tupperware container. It took him a minute or so of scratching and biting at the lid but he got it open! Then he just sat on the container for a good five minutes reaching in, grabbing a handfull of nuts and eating them. It was so so so funny and so cute! I love my squirrels!


Heather said...

OMG - at least the squirrel didn't attack you!

PS - I am very proud that you finally blogged and figured out how to change the layout! Yey You!

Aunties blog said...

That is sooo cute and funny!!!! I can't belive it,it makes me think of alvin and the chipmunks.