Friday, October 16, 2009

A Few Tips...

After a somewhat ruff week with patients I decided to give my blog readers some do's and don't about getting on the good side of your dental office's scheduling coordinator.

1. When leaving a message don't talk for ten minutes about why you need to cancel the appointment and what day and time would work for you to reschedule. Just say this is so and so and I have an appointment on this day and time that I need to reschedule. When I call you back you can discuss the details with me. Also, don't speed through your phone number, I don't want to have to listen to your ten minute long message four times just to get all the digits in your phone number.

2. When I ask you if there is a day or time that works best for you don't in turn ask me what do you have available then when I offer you the next available say, "oh, I can't do that day." That's why I asked you what day would work for you to start with.

3. When I call you two days before your appointment because I did research and learned that your insurance had changed with out even talking to you and you say that you will bring in the information at your appointment, don't get mad when I tell you we don't accept that insurance. That's why I went out of my way to call you way in advance. It's your fault you didn't tell me then.

4. When you are asking me questions about your insurance, since that's my job to understand your insurance, don't tell me I'm wrong. I just got off the phone with your insurance company and that is what they told me. I'm sorry that you don't understand your insurance plan or don't like it but don't get mad at me for it.

5. Remember that I am not your BFF. I don't need to know every detail of your life. When you need to cancel an appointment last minute because you are sick just tell me so. I don't need to hear how you have spent the entire night on the toilet with explosive diarrhea, or you have the worst period of your life and can't get out of bed. I also don't need to hear about how you finally broke down and gave your husband that BJ he's been asking for.

6. NEVER EVER EVER reach over and take a pen or pencil out of my pencil cup, or step behind the front counter. This is my personal space and please do not invade it.

7. When I am trying to schedule you an appointment or go over insurance information with you and the Dr. or office manager walks by don't interrupt me to just chat with them about your life. I am a busy women and there are two people standing behind you that need help. I can't just sit there and listen to you two talk about your trip to Maui nor do I want to. I will move on and help someone else.

8. Last of all remember that I am the gate keeper. I am the one you have to get through to get the appointment time you want or in last minute. If you are nice to me I will remember that when you call in pain or your insurance is ending and you need in right away. I will also remember that you were a total brat and make you wait two weeks to get in.


Jamie said...

you never need to hear about giving the husband a BJ-sick, sick, sick!!

aimee heff said...

I'm sure you, me, and Shan could talk for hours about dental scheduling tips.

One time this old lady gave me way too many details about her diarrhea and it was all I could do but not start laughing hysterically on the phone. Good times.

Shannon said...

yes let's do talk for hours about this. when aimee and i get going we can't stop.

Lauren said...

ha ha! I hadn't even read this when I posted my pet peeves blog. our blogs are so similar! It goes both ways! One time my orthodontist stopped working on me to chat to the next patient overs mom about a birthday party or something. Hello-o! I am here with my mouth hanging open!

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Anonymous said...

Explosive diarrhea would definately be tmi :x

yatish said...

nice blog you wrote really by the heart.